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Become part of Waves’ growing Web 3.0 ecosystem
The goal of the Waves Ambassador program is to expand our global blockchain community by educating developers, companies and university students with Web 3.0 courses, lectures and blockchain-focused workshops, delivering up-to-date information about Waves’ ecosystem and new products. An Ambassador’s role is to help establish and grow local communities, while promoting worldwide adoption of Waves blockchain solutions.
What qualifications are we looking for?
Waves has a fast-growing, location-based Ambassador program. Our Ambassadors have been promoting Waves by organizing events, workshops, lectures and panel discussions, as well as conducting knowledge-sharing sessions. If you are highly motivated, an excellent communicator, convey ideas clearly, and are excited about Waves technology, we need you!
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Step 1
Click the APPLY NOW
Step 2
Send a letter of interest to [email protected]
Step 3
Wait for a response from Waves’ regional manager
Step 4
Gain access to a dedicated board on Discord to apply for tasks
Step 5
Collect WRT bonuses while contributing to Waves’ global community
How can I become a Waves Ambassador?
Fill out a form and send us a letter of interest to [email protected], explaining why you would be a great Waves ambassador in your area. Membership of the Ambassadors programme is free and anyone is welcome to join.
Ambassador activities
The Waves Ambassadors network holds nearly 200 free blockchain events a year, focused on:
  • Waves education
  • dApp development and infrastructure
  • Waves product promotion
  • Developer workshops, community growth and support
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Ambassadors’ responsibilities
  • Running online and offline workshops, lectures and events (meetups)
  • Creating online ‘how to’ tutorials about the Waves Platform
  • Creating social media content
  • Finding bloggers to write about Waves
  • Developing and delivering quality content to engage and grow your local community

Waves Ambassador benefits

Establish yourself as a knowledgeable specialist about Waves blockchain technology
Receive training on blockchain technology
Get the chance to attend special Waves events
Always receive the latest updates on Waves products and features
Waves Ambassador benefits
  • Establish yourself as an authority on blockchain technology
  • Gain access to network of Waves’ developers and other Ambassadors and connect with like-minded people from around the world
  • Receive training on blockchain technology
  • Get access to Waves special events
  • Be always first up to date with Waves new tools
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What makes our Ambassador program different?

We provide you with a list of tasks to choose from, plus all the tools and materials you’ll need, as well as rewards for completed tasks. The task list includes:

  1. A clear description of a project or activity
  2. Criteria for expected results
  3. Examples of content for deliverables (for example, marketing materials, pictures and presentations.)

The process is very simple. Just select a task that you think you can successfully complete and apply for it!

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Ready for a challenge? Help us build our strong and vibrant blockchain community by expanding our global network and spreading the word about Waves
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